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3 Mistakes All Startup E-commerce Websites Make

3 Mistakes All Startup E-commerce Websites Make

If you own e-commerce business then you probably wonder which is the finest eCommerce CMS? Your ultimate goal is to build a flexible, scalable, and highly-functional eCommerce website.

If you want to establish your name in the e-commerce industry then you have to identify the pitfalls present in your online store. Mistakes create massive learning opportunities but it’s better if you don’t make it in the first place.

Here are mistakes that all new e-commerce websites should avoid.

Outdated Designs

Research conducted by the experts showed that the design of the e-commerce website plays a crucial part in engaging users. Best e-commerce website builder companies pay special attention to the designs. Modern theme with up to date designs ensures long-term success but the design must be central to your brand.

Bad Product Descriptions

Product descriptions hold huge significance in SEO. New e-commerce websites have this issue of the redundancy in the product descriptions.

If you are just using the content provided by the product manufacturer then you’ll get no traffic on your product web pages. Google will consider these pages as a duplicate of other web pages and your website won’t rank up in the search engine results.

Product descriptions are the most important content on the page and it should be given the highest preference. If you have a huge inventory list then focus on selling your top products.

Technical Mistakes in SEO

E-commerce websites are prone to more SEO errors as compared to any other website. These errors are the major obstacle in the search engine traffic like a duplicate version of the same page that is caused by the URL variables.

Also, linking to the pages having 404 errors is the major SEO issue. Top custom CMS development solution companies integrate SEO tools in their CMS. It not only ensures the smooth running website but also implements proven SEO strategies to enhance your rankings.

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