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3 Tips to Secure your Website from Hackers

3 Tips to Secure your Website from Hackers

Most of the websites are not just hacked to steal your data or misuse your website layout, but to use your server as email spam or to install a temporary web server. The purpose of hacking is mostly to use a website for illegal activities.

Automated scripts are used regularly to perform the hacking by writing to scour the internet. Here are some useful tips that will help you secure your website?

Keep Your Software Up to Date

Make sure to keep software up to date as it is critical for the safety of your website. It is equally important for the server operating system and CMS. When vulnerabilities are found in software, hackers can quickly attempt to abuse them.

You don’t have to worry about security updates for the operating system if you are using the managed hosting solution. The hosting company should take care of this.

Be Careful of Error Messages

Beware that how much information you give in your error messages. Just provide minimal errors to your users, so nobody can misuse the information (i.e API keys, database passwords).

Providing the full exception details can make complex attacks easy on your website such as SQL injection. Include detailed errors in your server logs. Only present that information to the users that they need.

Strong Password

It is vital to use complex passwords for the server and website admin area. Also, for the safety of your users, you should insist on good password practices so their accounts can remain secured.

A strong password is one of the most effective website hacking solutions. You can enforce the password requirements for the users. The strong password should include at least eight characters with a numeric value and uppercase letters.

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