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Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical, HOW TO FIX?

For SEO, content duplication is one of the major problems which many websites come across and still there is no direct response to this happening.

5 Best CMS for Ecommerce 2021 | Complete analysis of top Ecommerce CMS

If you own e-commerce business then you probably wonder which is the finest eCommerce CMS? Your ultimate goal is to build a flexible, scalable, and highly-functional eCommerce website.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Benefits for eCommerce Business

The eCommerce industry is booming nowadays and with the current progress, entrepreneurs all around the world are trying to enter into this market segment to get a high share of income.

4 Ways to Create Mobile Application

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, mobile application has expanded at a warp speed. Resultantly, mobile marketing is becoming super-competitive. It is tough challenge for any business to gain visibility. That’s why; you need to get particular about professional mobile app development.

How to make a drop shipping websites?

Start your dropshipping business by getting a highly-functional website developed, searching for credible suppliers, and targetting new market segments.

Major Issues Faced by E-commerce

Here, some of the challenges & major issues faced by e-commerce website are discussed in this blog. All these points are very significant to correct for getting huge audience to your website.

How to Build the Right Corporate Identity for your Business

When you are starting up as an entrepreneur, you want to build a strong business identity to create a powerful impact on the outside world. To do that, you should have complete awareness about the roles of corporate Identity for brand effectiveness.

Impact Of Website Redesign on Your Business ROI

Its very difficult to predict that what impact will a website redesgin will have on the ROI of your business , these major points are an important aspect to know either your business ROI is increasing or not?

Build Your Brand with Our Magento Development and ecommerce Solutions!

Secure your online store by using our magento development and complete ecommerce solutions. We offer a platform which highlights the most dominant marketing, SEO and executive catalog tool.

What is Content Management System (CMS) - Types of CMS

There are many types of CMS. The most Popular Content Management System (CMS) is wordpress. These cms is good for personal use but if you actually want to grow quicker, and want to use lifetime which is the implementation of CUSTOM CMS.

Top 5 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads play a great role to target users and potential customers by age, gender, demographic, location, connection and behavior.

Why You Should Not Make WordPress Website

If you are running a website, you are most likely to transform it from one mode to another. Right? These modes can be email sign-ups, e-commerce sales, donations, sales leads, and ticket sales etc.


Role of logo designing in business is important because logos are the face of your brand that gives an idea to the audience about your services.

Key Elements on How To Make a Successful Business Website

Your Website cannot ever give you the desired results unless you don’t know how to build it successfully. It requires different elements to run your business operations properly.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

Different benefits of website maintenance are explained in this article that will help you to keep running your business operations successfully.

Engaging Visitors on your Website and Stopping them to go

Is your website driving away your customers? Make your website a lean marketing machine to generate sales by getting help from revamp web design services.

How to Choose Digital Marketing Agency for Business

We are among the top website design companies in Pakistan offering powerful and customized web design themes for your business.


Several ways to start increasing online sales in 2020-21 are discussed in this blog. What are the best and fast ways to increase online sales and what are types of digital marketing that will help to boost your online sales.


Get fruitful results from your mobile application by getting it developed with the collaboration of expert app developers. Avail the full potential of your business.


To manage all the IT projects is a very challenging task, so Zapty comes as a blessing for all the content management system development companies.


Looking for the best wireless mouse in the market? Our Custom mobile app development company offers 100% genuine multi-speed mouse with great accuracy, reliability and comfort.

Benefits and importance of branding

business branding services play a great role in increasing your company’s value, motivating new clients, making your business well-recognized and trusted, and finally taking your business towards success.


For your data safety and security, Super blade servers are the best choice that helps you to manage the enormous amount of data efficiently.

Building a Strong Web Presence with Simple Steps

Having a powerful web presence is today’s necessity for building trust. Learn to strengthen your online presence with these simple steps and sell your brand and products.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Businesses

Find more traffic, more customers and enhanced online presence by using SEO services. SEO services are the most critical aspect of Digital Marketing Services.

Why HTML templates for websites are the first choice of designers

The importance and benefits of HTML templates cannot be neglected no matter how advanced the world gets. Our designers provide the custom HTML templates that are SEO friendly, flexible nature and compatible with all browsers.

Template Website Design VS. Custom Website Design

Both forms, template website design and custom website design templates are beneficial for the clients but vary according to their needs. Template-based sites take least time and money than custom sites

What is Website Integration?

Let us take a quick overview on website data integration. Website Data Integration is the process of linking various software applications with multiple computing systems, both physically and functionally. So, they work in a combined form.