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Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical, HOW TO FIX?

For SEO, content duplication is one of the major problems which many websites come across and still there is no direct response to this happening.

Complete Analysis of 5 Best E-commerce CMS for 2020

If you own e-commerce business then you probably wonder which is the finest eCommerce CMS? Your ultimate goal is to build a flexible, scalable, and highly-functional eCommerce website.

3 Mistakes All Startup E-commerce Websites Make

Here are some of the major mistakes that even every best e-commerce website builder should remember to ensure quality in their services.

3 Tips to Secure your Website from Hackers

Most of the websites are not just hacked to steal your data or misuse your website layout, but to use your server as email spam or to install a temporary web server. The purpose of hacking is mostly to use a website for illegal activities.

Impact Of Website Redesign on Your Business ROI

Its very difficult to predict that what impact will a website redesgin will have on the ROI of your business , these major points are an important aspect to know either your business ROI is increasing or not?

Introduction to Web Content Management System (CMS)

There are many types of CMS. The most Popular Content Management System (CMS) is wordpress. These cms is good for personal use but if you actually want to grow quicker, and want to use lifetime which is the implementation of CUSTOM CMS.

Top 5 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads play a great role to target users and potential customers by age, gender, demographic, location, connection and behavior.

Benefits of Having Website Maintenance Services

Different benefits of website maintenance are explained in this article that will help you to keep running your business operations successfully.

Lets develop a new Mobile applications with collaboration of experts

Get fruitful results from your mobile application by getting it developed with the collaboration of expert app developers. Avail the full potential of your business.

Have a Stronger Web Presence with Simple Steps

Having a powerful web presence is today’s necessity for building trust. Learn to strengthen your online presence with these simple steps and sell your brand and products.

Custom vs. Template-Based Web Development

Both forms of web development are beneficial for the clients but vary according to their needs. Template-based sites take least time and money than custom sites

How to Submit Your Website URL to Google?

Submitting your URL or domain to the Google search engine. A full guide has been given in detail. What to do and what not to do while submitting URL / Domain to search engine. this guide is made for submitting your URL on google in the best way. Learn How to use the Google Webmaster tool.

Indexed, not submitted in sitemap

If you are facing this problem with your website Indexed, not submitted in sitemap, There is a very easy way of fixing it immediately.