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Deliver Thousands Of Branded SMS In Your Brand Name and Connect With Your Valued Customers Directly Through SMS Marketing

Branded SMS Pakistan

Branded SMS Pakistan
Branded SMS Pakistan

Send branded SMS campaign and target whom you want

Sending SMS with company name is called branded SMS. We offer branded SMS to let you reach larger audience for connecting, retaining, targeting, and to take them directly to the page or product you want to market. Branded SMS creates a mindset of customers that the brand is trusted. SMS with brand name creates brand value.

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Branded SMS Prices in Pakistan

Our SMS pricing is suitable and the best for your business needs through which you cover up a wider customer segment in a click. We are a leading SMS service provider in Pakistan offer branded messages in bulk at affordable rates.

Our Plans
Required Credit
All Networks
Silver Plan PKR 20,000 PKR 0.80
Gold Plan PKR 30,000 PKR 0.65
Titanium Plan PKR 40,000 PKR 0.50
Required Credit
Silver Plan PKR 20,000
Gold Plan PKR 30,000
Titanium Plan PKR 40,000
All Networks
Silver Plan PKR 20,000
Gold Plan PKR 30,000
Titanium Plan PKR 40,000

Terms and Conditions for Branded SMS

  • The account activation fee will be non-refundable which is PKR 5,000
  • Account activation will take seven working days for branded SMS.
  • For Brand name registration, NTN number is required.
  • For Branded SMS service, payment will be made in advance
  • Branded SMS service will be activated after confirmation of the payment receipt.
  • Branded SMS Prices are without tax.
  • There is no refund policy for unused credit.
  • There will be no tolerance for violent and abusive messages.
  • Webnet Pakistan reserves the right to suspend any account.


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Branded SMS service for business

In marketing, it is very important to represent your offer in a perfect way. Timing and message conciseness need also to be looked after. SMS service for business keeps a pivotal role in marketing because it promotes your business in a minute more effectively than any other campaign in marketing. Branded SMS service is used in almost every organization whether it be multinational companies, national companies, banks, hospitals, suppliers, schools, etc. You can schedule branded SMS on any date and time.

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Branded SMS Service in Pakistan

Branded SMS is a result-driving, cost-effective, and impactful way of communication and it is purely targeted for marketing purposes. We have our own SMS software through which we run SMS campaigns and send it in bulk to thousands of users in Pakistan on different networks like Jazz, Ufone, Warid, Zong, and Telenor.

We are a leading branded SMS service provider in Pakistan who set out a great SMS marketing strategy, write targeted content for every specific campaign, and share monitoring report with our clients.

We also integrate SMS software to your website so you can self manage your SMS marketing. Your user account will be created in our software so you will be able to run an SMS campaign. These branded SMS will also go to your customers who purchase product and status of product delivery will also be sent. We provide this SMS marketing service with complete data safety and security.

The SMS campaign is sent all over Pakistan through a web-based portal in a fastest and easiest way with guaranteed SMS delivery on all networks.

You can send Coupon code, discount offers, new deals, etc. to a wide range of customers in a few clicks without hassle.



Here are some of the top frequently asked questions and answers for our branded SMS service. If you have any questions related to branded SMS services, our policies, and our plans, go through this column to find your answers. We are looking forward to helping you out.

What is branded SMS?

Branded SMS is a smart marketing tool that instantly hits buyer behavior and urges them to make buying decisions. It is much effective because through branded SMS your message is conveyed directly to your targeted customers’ phone.

Why use Branded SMS?

Branded SMS services are used in almost every organization. It can be used by multinational companies, national companies, banks, hospitals, suppliers, schools, etc. 

Can we send branded SMS throughout Pakistan?

Yes, we run branded SMS campaigns and send them in bulk to thousands of users in Pakistan on different networks like Jazz, Ufone, Warid, Zong, and Telenor.

When will the branded SMS service activate?

First of all, you have to pay the activation fee which is PKR 5,000. After that, account activation will take six to seven working days to ready for branded SMS.

Are these branded SMS available without taxes?

Yes, these branded SMS are available without taxes in WEBNET.

Is there any refund policy for unused credit?

No, there is no refund policy for unused credit. You can see this in the terms and conditions as well. 

What can I promote through SMS marketing?

You can promote your product and your brand. You can share discounts, sales, and other offers that will attract your customers. SMS allows marketers to use a direct channel to reach users rather than relying on a third-party or app. 

What is the maximum length of Branded SMS?

It depends on the content of the message. But usually, branded messages should not be too long because we write creative short content to get customer's attention.

How much is SMS bulk messaging costs?

There are three different plans for these branded SMS services. Silver plan, Gold plan, and Titanium plan. All these plans have different pricing criteria

What time is more appropriate to send a branded SMS marketing campaign?

The best and most appropriate time is 9-12 a.m and 5-7 p.m (on weekdays). These timings are more appropriate because people most likely check their messages before starting their work and after ending their workday.

Does Webnet have the right to suspend any account?

Yes, Webnet Pakistan reserves the right to suspend any account in case of any violent and abusive messages.


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