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Cinema management solution for managing the entire cinema circuit

Webnet Cinema Management solution provides complete assistance for cinema-related operations without any hassle including ticket management, items handling, ticket sales, and concessions.

Corporate sales, ticket management, reporting and all of our solutions can be easily utilized by third-party vendors on their platforms and a back-end that integrates on different modules in order to provide real-time synchronized ticket bookings.

Cinema Ticketing Software Offers:

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Benefits of Our Cinema Management Solution

Here are some of the benefits that enable you to manage all operations in a hassle-free manner and make a great impact on your cinema business.

Our fast and efficient cinema management system allows you to handle ticket and concession sales simultaneously that makes operation handling seamless for you.

Sell box office tickets effectively and then enhance your revenue by offering the food, drinks, combos, and merchandise. Omnichannel capabilities enable data integrity and process consistency in our system that ensures accurate reporting and optimize marketing campaigns resulting in larger revenue.

Our system allows you to create the pricing hierarchy and to manage all payment types, integrate promotions and to control the overall processing.

You can set up the way you want to and even show the sessions that are screen-based. Also, add the film promotions, trailer, and all the necessary information related to the film. Seating and payment options are configurable too.

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