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3 Key Components to Consider While Designing an E-commerce Website

3 Key Components to Consider While Designing an E-commerce Website

Designing an e-commerce website is a complex task. You need to consider various factors from website performance to user management. E-commerce websites are not only about displaying your brand products online but for the consumers to shop.

Designers have to ensure that their website is simple and easy to use. Without sales, the e-commerce website cannot ever fulfill its purpose.

If you have just started to design an e-commerce website then the following tips will help you to build the e-commerce website that you should have.

Match the Design With Products

By keeping your design coherent with your products, you can sell more effectively. Professional e-commerce web design companies always ensure that colors, images and text scheme perfectly matches with your products.

For example, If you own business of children toys then you should think about using the exciting colors. If you are selling the gadgets then your design theme should be modern and techy.

Proper Product Display and Descriptions

Best e-commerce website builder uses high-quality images to grab the attention of users. The larger the images, the better idea will customers get about the product.

Choose a layout that will make your products to get found easily on all web pages. Incomplete information can make your visitors leave your website which can increase the bounce rate and cause a lack of sales.

When you put the wrong size or color of the product you can potentially lose a large number of customers. Make sure that your products have correct details including the type, color, size, weight, thickness, and all the essential features they need to know before purchasing.

Shopping Cart Design

Usually, designers don’t pay much attention to shopping carts but it is one of the most important components of your website.

A good shopping cart allows users to add multiple products and to remove them if it is necessary. By getting E-commerce SEO services you can make shopping cart search engine friendly that can play a huge role to boost your online sales.

The most important thing that you should do while designing a shopping cart is to add the functional product images, convenient search bar, and reviews.

Good shopping cart design is simple and intuitive. It should have all the necessary features including the product recommendations, order summary, and a continue shopping option.


Designing an e-commerce website is a complex procedure. The above-mentioned key areas are going to help you to build an e-commerce website with a perfect design. It will improve your search engine visibility and will boost the sales at a large scale.

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