Online Quote Questionnaire
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Primary Information

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About Your Business/Organisation

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General Project Information

What type of website are you looking for Do you have hosting for your website?
No Yes I would like you to recommend me.
If answer was "Yes" above provide the name of hosting company.
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Site Re-design Information

(If this site is not a redesign, please skip this section).
What is your main goal for this redesign (e.g. Provide a better user experience, update the site's look and feel, target a different audience etc… )? Which aspects of your site do you feel are successful and why? Which aspects of your site do you feel are unsuccessful and why? Do you plan on using content from the existing site and if so which portions? Back Next

Project Goals / Business Objectives

Briefly describe the site's concept and what service it seeks to provide: What is your main objective or reason for this project (e.g. Promote
a new product/service. Streamline/automate a specific business
process, build client database etc…)?
What should happen and/or what is the desired end result in order
to determine the website as a success, what are the KPI's (e.g.
Number of contact form enquires, phone calls, newsletter
subscriptions, sales, Facebook likes etc…)?
Are there any other considerations that could impact the project
schedule (e.g. New product launch, trade show, marketing
campaign etc…)?
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(Skip this section if you do not have e-commerce requirements).
Please estimate the total number of products and product categories. Do you have a merchant account with an online payment gateway (e.g. Paypal, 2checkout, Local bank, International bank etc…). Please provide the name… Back Next

Target Audience

Describe a typical user (s) that will visit your site (e.g. Gender, age)
range, location, job title, their level of experience using the internet
– provide more than 1 profile if applicable).
What action(s) should the user perform when visiting your site (e.g.
Search for information, Sign up for an account; purchase a
product/service etc…)?
What are the key reasons why the target user chooses your
company's products and /or services (e.g. Cost, Service, Value, etc
Do you know how many people visit your site on a daily, weekly, or
monthly basis?
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Look, feel and site content

To the best of your ability, use words to describe the end result of
your project's look and feel (e.g. Clean, balanced, modern, simple,
rustic, monotone etc…)?
To the best of your ability describe what the personality of your
website should be (e.g. young and trendy or old and conservative.
If your organization was a famous person who would it be?)
How does your company set itself apart from the competition
(please provide competitor URLs)?
List URLs of any sites you find compelling (they need not be a
competitor website or sites that are in the same industry). What
specifically do you like about these sites?
Approximately how many pages do you envisage the site to have
and can you give an indication as to the structure you have in mind
(e.g. Home, about Us, Services, Contact Us etc… Please provide a
sitemap if you have one)?
Will the site be static or are you looking for a content management Back Next

Website Functionality

Identify the functional elements that are to be included in the site.
Describe in as much detail as possible how you envisage each
function will work from the user's perspective. Here are some of
the features you might want to specify for your site.

Search (Any Special Requirements?)
Online Forms (e.g. Contact/Enquiry forms) Please list the fields in
the form you desire.
Specific Calls to action (e.g. Download brochure, Call back
Shopping Cart/Ordering (with or without payment). Subscription to newsletter Downloadable Files Multilingual Requirements User log in/Member Section (Please specify in detail) Special bespoke tools (please specify in detail e.g. mortgage
calculator, currency converter etc…)
Integration with third party (e.g. CRM system, XML feeds) Back Next

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