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Custom CMS Development is for lifetime

Custom CMS Development is for lifetime

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In modern digital space, an online presence has become essential for every business to showcase their products and services. 

The availability of dozens of open source content management systems seems convenient to build the online presence but it’s just a temporary solution. In the long run, you need a solid custom CMS services that is tailored to your business. 

It means that you don’t have to spend money, again and again, to make modifications to your website. You get custom build themes and templates, designed and developed as per your wish, so it enables you to make a one-time investment, unlike open-source platforms. 

Here is a guide that will give you a complete understanding of how investing in a custom CMS solution is more beneficial as compared to open source CMS.

Cost-Efficient CMS

Cost is the major factor in purchasing any technology or software. Choosing open source CMS may seem cheap to you but companies relying on it, end up investing more in outsourcing the services to enhance the system later on.    

The cost of Custom CMS varies depending on your requirements but the increased control and flexibility reduce your maintenance and modifications expenses.

Feature Rich CMS System

When you are building the website with an open-source platform, you are restricted to only pre-build themes. On the other hand, custom CMS offers custom-built features that are used to integrate elements on the web page according to your vision. 

Custom based themes make your website stand out in the online world while pre-build themes are already used by thousands of websites, so it can do nothing to grab the users’ attention. 

Here are some of the high-tech and key features of our custom CMS.

Managing URL Redirection in CMS

Let’s say if a web page is not found or indexed on Google then you redirect it easily to any other page via our custom CMS. While in other CMS’s you have to make changes in the back-end coding, going through more complexity that will do nothing but only waste your time.

Setting Up Open Graph and Twitter Tags in CMS

Our user-friendly custom CMS allows you to set the title, images, and description for your open graph and twitter tags conveniently. You can do it for other social media platforms as well like Facebook and LinkedIn etc. Managing open graph tags effectively also impacts the performance of your links on social media.

Automatic Sitemap Generator

When you build a new page for a website, you have to use the sitemap generator every time. But our Custom CMS has the automatic sitemap generator that automatically generates a sitemap every time you build a new page.

SEO-Friendly Structure

Our SEO friendly CMS enables you to customize meta titles and descriptions. It also allows you to build keyword-focused and solid URL structure that plays a key role to enhance your search engine rankings.


You can keep track of your ROI and overall website performance through our custom CMS by simply placing the tracking code from Google Analytics. 

Your analytics report is visible in the dashboard that indicates visitors, views, bounce rate, quotations, active users and complete traffic of your website daily. Again not may CMS’s have this feature.

Add Schema

Schema markup is a code that is integrated on the website to help search engines to provide more useful information to the users. You can add schema to your website without any hassle, courtesy of our Custom CMS. 

Schema markup is one of the latest evolutions in SEO that tells search engines what your data means. It’s an addition to the website that makes a huge impact on search engine visibility.

Fast Website

The load time of your website is critical for the overall user-experience which decides that either a visitor will come to your site or not. The speed of your website is vital for your business progress. According to the Google report, over half of the web visits are abandoned if the page takes more than three seconds to load.

By custom building the website, you can discard the non-essential elements and functionality that reduce the load time and boost your website speed.

Complete Security

Building a website on the existing open-source CMS makes your website more vulnerable to getting hacked. If a vulnerability is found on one of these CMS’s then it badly affects all other websites that are built on this version of the platform.

Unsecured themes, weak plugins, and passwords are the major causes of vulnerable websites. Most companies use WordPress themes to build a website with the sole intention to make money. On the other hand, custom CMS website development services provide you the custom-built themes on which every component is designed to meet your brand needs.          

You may find our custom CMS solution a bit costly as compared to the other available solutions in the market. But in the long run, our solution proves to be the cost-efficient way to enhance your web presence as compared to open source CMS. You don’t have to waste your money, again and again, to modify your website as it’s a complete solution meeting your all online needs.

Once you’ll have more leads via custom website solution, you’ll surely drive more sales that will keep your business on track and achieve a greater ROI for your business.

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