When you take off with an ecommerce store you hope to get numbers of orders daily, monthly, and yearly.


But what is the source which actually shows millions of people that your business has online existence and your products can be purchased online? It is an Ecommerce SEO Service which induces Google to show your brand on the top in search engines with multiple product-related keywords.

Ecommerce SEO service is the most economical and effective way to grow your online store because it is a process through which you finally get huge sales and revenues. As more and more people find your ecommerce store on google they directly land to your store and make purchases online.

Webnet Pakistan specializes in ecommerce SEO services who delve down and find out every nook and corner to grow our clients’ ecommerce store. We are award-winning and competitive ecommerce SEO specialists who bring you guaranteed results by being active 24/7.

Look how we do online shop SEO and what process we follow for ecommerce SEO.

  • Website Audit
  • Product-Related Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization
  • Product Images Optimization
  • Sitemap Maintenance
  • Site Structure Analysis
  • Website Errors Resolution
  • Content Creation
  • Blogs Writing & Optimization
  • Analysis & Clients’ reporting

We are well versed in doing Ecommerce SEO on any platform

If your website is developed on WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, etc. so don’t be worried about its online marketing because our Ecommerce SEO specialists can handle any platform effectively.


We have grown many national and international websites who contacted us and took our ecommerce SEO services. In COVID-19, many companies or brands came to us and asked how to grow an ecommerce store so we gave them our ecommerce website marketing plan and now they are having fruitful results.

We have worked on various ecommerce platforms and drove results by growing and multiplying leads and sales of our clients.

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Ecommerce SEO Importance

Make Google Fall in Love with Your E-commerce Store by Our Proven SEO Strategies


If your e-commerce website is not appearing at the top-ranking then allow Webnet Pakistan to grow organic traffic for your website. Just like the functionality and working of your website, its marketing and search engine visibility is important too.


Most of the online shoppers don’t bother to look past the first two to three pages of the search results, so if you are not appearing at the top your potential buyers won’t even know that you even exist.


Our ecommerce SEO services make a major impact on your organic visibility and allow you to get the desired results for your e-commerce business.


Whether you want a lead generation SEO or ecommerce SEO, we know what it takes to create an organic search marketing campaign successfully. We ensure that your e-commerce website is available to your target audience, so you can maximize the value.

Tools we use for ecommerce SEO

For planning, implementing and assessing ecommerce SEO marketing work, we use authentic and credible SEO tools that helps to elevate the website performance and assess in making SEO strategies. The ecommerce SEO tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Ahref, etc. help us out on a whole journey of ecommerce website marketing.

What Our E-commerce SEO Services Offers


Being a professional e-commerce SEO company, our priority is to build the custom on-page strategy in order to optimize your store products, category, and brand pages. We ensure a top place for these pages, so your consumers can reach to your products and buy it through organic search.

Our SEO team ensures that your website is easy to navigate and understandable. We go through every page in-depth to analyze where it needs improvement.

We perform detailed research to recognize the consumers who are interested in your products. This helps us to establish an effective strategy for your online store.

The next step is the implementation of the high-value and relevant keywords on the Homepage, Meta descriptions, page titles, product descriptions, image alt text, and other sections of your website.

We create social buzz around your products to enhance the productivity of your business. Social sharing strengthens your credibility in the market that generates a large number of sales for your business.

Our online shop SEO services let you know how consumers find and interact with your store. You have a right to know what you are paying for, so we give you complete insight throughout the whole procedure. This is how we ensure transparency. We provide you with complete reports on a monthly basis, so you’ll have an idea where you are ranking for a particular phrase or term.

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