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The ecommerce website solution for your business growth

When it comes to an e-commerce website, you must ensure that it portrays your products and services effectively manner to your target audience. A low-quality CMS is a huge question mark on your credibility in the customer's eyes as it is a major security threat for your e-commerce website.

Webnet Pakistan owns secure, user-friendly and multi-purpose e-commerce CMS, allowing you to meet your customers’ needs by providing you with the best possible ecommerce solutions.

Key Features of Webnet E-commerce CMS

Webnet’s Ecommerce Website Content Management System (CMS) is completely secure that provides productive results for your ecommerce business. Our Ecommerce CMS benefits you in the following ways.

Provides professional reporting of your customer behavior to analyze your business improvement opportunities.

By using our platform you can boost your sales with fast and convenient purchasing options.

By this, you can send push notifications through your website easily and engage a large number of users to achieve the best possible output for your business.

We serve you an integrated theme option that enables you to control the website visibility.

You can integrate social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) with CMS to monitor the performance of social activities. Also, it allows you to optimize your website according to social channels to improve website appearance.

The SEO tool will guide you step by step how to do optimization of your website according to the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), it will help you to boost your website ranking on search engines.

Our E-commerce Content Management System is designed for non-technical users they can easily manage the complete website without getting any technical support.

You can give access to your staff according to their role, so they can manage their section easily.

You can sell and upload the unlimited number of products on your website.

You can use the option of Manual Order Creation it allows you to create order from your CMS.

You can export calculated reports easily for the number of visits and the amount of sales etc.

The presence of a point of sales in our CMS helps you to manage the inventory. It gives you a clear idea about the sales of particular products and the remaining products in the inventory.

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Free Training Section

We offer a training section to train your staff on how to manage and operate your website and CMS easily. Provided documents will give you a better understanding of the technical aspects involved in training.

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