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Using too many themes, plugins and resources are slowing down your website?

If you are facing the following - Website is Spamming, the website is slow, the website is hacked, a website showing red screen or hacking redirection issue this is because your WordPress website is knocking down because of the vulnerabilities provided by unsecured themes, vulnerable plugins, and weak passwords. Marking from the specific needs of your customers to the profit-making requirements of your company, your website needs to be shown up idiosyncratically.

If you notice in 2021 no big companies are on Wordpress because of the following reasons. This is not your fault at all, when you aim to get your website changed, most Web design companies tend to choose a pre-made wordpress theme to build from. These companies are acting up by providing already inaugurated themes and charging you for the themes every business is operating within the industry.


Back in 2008, Webnet tended to use Wordpress by designing the website of clients’ companies and integrating them through Wordpress. We can say we were among the very few companies in Pakistan that were building website on such CMS like Wordpress and Joomla. 

In 2010, we started getting complaints from our clients when we generate traffic to their website and they start getting an 80% increase in their sales.   As we do not only design websites and Applications, we provide market expanding and sales converting web services to our clients.

Looking forward to these problems faced by our clients, in 2015, Webnet launched its own Ecommerce solution and CMS Software, making high-end possibilities to custom-build your website.

Webnet de-listed WordPress, making sure that our precious clients don’t get exploited in the name of Website design with pre-made themes. However, it is one of the good platforms if you have a website budget of USD 200.


As the themes provided by WordPress are already initiated by several companies in your industry, it might not help you to outgrow your competitors.

If you are tired of getting the same website designs as everyone is using in your industry, we can completely feel you. Getting services from custom web design companies will act as an assistant for you, working on the specific and desired need of your company and customers.

"Yes, Custom websites might take longer and have a slightly higher budget than those of already-made designs, but there will be an extravagant assurance of getting what you exactly paying for. 

Always make sure that your websites should be in good hands!"

Wordpress doesn’t work for the distinguishing features you desire!

The more adaptability you avail, the more creative it will become.

When you will be provided the opportunity to build your website from the twitch, you will be able to design it as exactly as you want considering the mission and vision of your company.

As the themes on WordPress are not mobile-optimized, as 70% of all internet users are mobile-internet users, indicating your website should be mobile-friendly.

You will be able to hold your website firmly when you will know it is strategically fulfilling the criteria in which you are providing services to your customers. As your website will be built completely from the ground up, you will not feel the itch to update it every few days.

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Webnet put itself forward to provide your customers and employees user-friendly access to your website, which in turn would result in larger sales and huge traffic on your website. It provides consistency to your website within the desired areas of configuration demanded by your customers. You will not have to wait for your plug-ins to be installed.


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