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How to use Google Webmaster tool or Search Console to Submit Your Website URL

How to use Google Webmaster tool or Search Console to Submit Your Website URL

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About Webmaster Tool or Search Console

Google's Webmaster tools provide valuable insight about your website.  This valuable insight can only be available if you submit your website on google. You can view search appearances, traffic, and errors so you can improve your website.  This tools should be used by everyone who owns a website and submitting your url on google is very easy. This blog will help you how to do it yourself.

If you're working with a website professional such as a designer or SEO analyst you don't need to provide them with access to this Google App. This is what the first basics of SEO anyways. We suggest you should also have a very good understanding of the webmaster tool and you should have the control to these tools as it consist of all the data for your traffic, keywords and errors.

Google Webmaster tools are the only way to find errors for your website giving problems on google search results.. It shows searches from google search (organic searches) direct landings, referral and from social media.

The best thing about it is FREE. Usually, it is used by SEO, Developer to improve performance of your website but again we recommend that it should be used by everyone owning a website, your staff or your agencies so that you can keep an eye on your performances if you are getting your SEO done or not getting it done by a FREELANCER, or Digital Marketing Company or doing it yourself.

The most recommended tool to analyze your website at every level. In this blog, We are going to teach you how you could be able to register your website on webmaster so you can always know what you can access webmaster tools/search console. By the way, Webmaster tool is also called a Search Console. From here onwards we will be using a Search Console which will mean we are talking about the same tool.

Providing access is quick and easy.  Here's how...

  1. Sign in to Google Webmaster tools

You will need a GMAIL email address to SIGN IN. If you already have one you just need to sign in. 

Once you sign in you should have a screen like this


The registering your domain using the domain tab is important when you have no 301 redirects. Once you enter your domain you will need to apply all URL your website opens on. Example

Google treats these both URLs as two websites. If you didn’t apply a canonical Link on all your pages, you would need to ask your Website Designer or Website Developer to put a 301 redirection.

In a short, 301 redirection helps you redirect your website from to

For example, if someone opens your website like this what the 301 redirections will do it will redirect the URL automatically to

Or people use canonical tags.

Now the most important part of the entire domain registration on Search Console (Webmaster tool) is to use URL prefix

Make sure to put the URL prefix that is similar to any redirection you have put in place. In our case, our URL prefix for 301 redirections is Which means that whenever someone opens my website it will redirect to what I am willing my url to be. 

If you don't have 301 redirect this means that google will take your website as 2. url with and without www. The website will be the same and this means that google will consider all your content as duplicate. so once you have done with a 301 redirect you have to enter that in the search console. Putting a wrong URL will give you so many errors and google bots crawls your website will not be able to identify your website. So make sure you have 301 redirect in place to only one url.

So on this screen, go to URL prefix any type in your URL and then continue. To help you out I will be using another website so I could be able to show you the entire setup.


Press continue. It will bring you up on this screen below. 


The most easy way is to upload a html files where your files are on google webmaster. If not ask your web designer or web developer to do it. If you know how to use CPanel of your hosting because most of my clients do know about the Cpanel. Then do the following step.

Download the file

In your Cpanel, find File Manager


Click on the file manager

Find a folder with public_html as circle. Click on it. Now you are on the root folder. On the top menu you will able to find upload.


Once you click on the uploads. 


Press select – it will open another tab and select the files you downloaded. Remember, do not rename the file or if you have just in case downloaded two files of the same name it will add (1) in the end and when you will verify it will not verify because google will not be able to find the file name. If the display is showing only one file please select and then press open


It will tell you that your uploaded file has been completed. Note that the file name uploaded should match the same as below as highlighted.


Once the upload has been completed close the tab. Once a file is uploaded you can now click on the verify above.

Congratulation, you have been verified to use the best tools for your website Webmaster tool or search Console.


You are done. Now you can go to the property. At this point, you might have no data but now you are on this it will help you google guiding throughout. 


At this point is showing that I have some security issues on that website. 

Performance tab. 


As it is now it is saying processing data, please check tomorrow. This tab will let you know the performances and organic searches made from google. 

URL INSPECTION on GOOGLE WEBMASTER will help you inspect a URL. 

COVERAGE- This is an important tab. It shows how many URL is valid and what URL is excluded from search.

It also tells you in the exclude tab how many URL on the website is duplicate without selecting canonical. Even people that are doing SEO do not know how to solve it. If you are getting these you should refer to our blog on duplicate without selecting canonical which means that Google has detected two similar content on the same page.

How to solve it in the blog.

Even if you go ahead you will also find SITEMAP. It helps google understand all the pages to crawl. So have a SITEMAP.

People always have this problem that once the sitemap has been generated google indexed but not submitted to sitemap when there is a URL mentioned on sitemap. We have a solution to that. Please refer to our blog indexed not submitted in a sitemap.

If you have any query please do not hesitate to connect us.

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