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Indexed, not submitted in sitemap

Indexed, not submitted in sitemap

We have been taunted with the sitemap recently, and we were not able to figure out what was causing issues with “indexed, not submitted on sitemap”. When we implemented multiple sitemap generator last week and we were able to identify that the new sitemap actually got all the links indexed but our old sitemap was still causing the issue.

Even the free sitemap generator is causing the same issue with this as recently, google has updated algorithm and no one is able to change and identify the cause of the problem.

However, you might have heard that this affect does not make any effect on your ranking but we feel this is the major cause of the ranking because webmaster brings out another error on your coverage which is  Duplicate without user-selected canonical

This is the only issue that will solve all your major problem. Let us go through what google is doing now.

Sitemaps, How to Fix

In your sitemap, your first url suppose to be your homepage. For example our url, https://webnet.com.pk

This should be done in a way that is should also have / in the end. This tells google that it will have more slug after the main url.

So, it should be something like this.




Once this is done. It should have another page if there is no more pages after the page it should avoid /





Note that we have removed the / from the url.

Before we had a / in the end of every url and it actually causing the same problem. Since we uploaded the new sitemap without the / it actually solved all our issues.

If you have a url with additional slug on your url for example


If you notice that we had two slugs. One slug is where in sitemap it should be




Note there is a “/ at the end of the url” which is the main reason of putting this slug at the end of the website is mainly because we helped google bots to identify that there are more url in this slug. 

If you have put a / on all your website url this will actually give you the same error duplicate without user selecting canonical.

Below was the results from doing this, and it gave an instant change after 1 week after submitting sitemap again.

We have solved all your major issue and hopefully you will have a great way of doing and fixing all your issues by yourself. You could contact us for solving this issue for you.

Our main core is to understand the main problem that has been faced by many SEO companies. Because we are continuously improving our CMS SOLUTIONS we are able to identify it while implementing another module.

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