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Manage your sales and inventory with Webnet Point Of Sale software

Experience the new mode of managing sales by having a complete grip on inventory and cash flows online. Our software gives your supermarts and mini-stores a unique push. It contains comprehensive information about customer purchasing patterns that helps you to analyze sales and provide value to them. 

It’s a web-based software that takes you out from the cluster of desktop-based system. It keeps your data protected and can be run from any device. It integrates multiple terminals of supermarts and the head-terminal dashboard can online check the undertakings of all the terminals. 

Webnet Point Of Sale software gives ease to our E-commerce solution users to coordinate their warehouse inventory and sales with retail stores. 

What the POS software actually does?

Cash flows management

As the cashier enters the mart, he logs in and records the cash-in-hand. And before shutting down the system, he records the ending cash. In this way, the software tracks the whole day sale, checks the inventory level, calculates the cash flows, and protects the cash theft.

Integration of multiple terminals

The software integrates multiple terminals to channel the daily moves of each terminal, that how much inventory got sold out? What amount of new purchases should be made? The software gives head-terminal an overview of collections through each terminal.

E-commerce and standalone stores: inventory management

Point Of Sale is where the actual sales are done. It can also be done online by using our E-commerce solution. The software gives advantage to our E-commerce users to sink inventory from a single warehouse and sale it in both: a retail store and through an E-commerce website. The software manages the inventory for both at a time.

Cloud-based software

To protect your data and for providing you with agility, our software is designed to move you from the desktop-based system and to convert you on the web-based system. You can log in from any device and work with ease. The software is easy-to-use, even untrained staff can have an early grip on the software. 

Alarms at finishing stocks

Usually, the customer gets disturbed when he does not find any single product on a mart’s shelf. It leads him to move to another store. Consequently, because of the unavailability of a single product, the entire sale gets frustrated. 

To overcome this issue, our software alarms you before the inventory is going to finish. In this way, you will come to know which product is prime and how to deal with it. 

Customers’ purchasing trends and other information

Complete information stands your business out of the competitors' string and gives you the extra advantage. Our software feeds the trends of walk-in and loyal customers to serve them and to create value to them. The customers' information tells the store how many times in a month a customer visited and what’s his buying trend. With this info, the mart makes an analysis of yearly sales and opening a new outlet nearby to target new customers’ segments.

Webnet Point Of Sale software actually assists you to increase sales and profitability. 


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