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The Importance of Customer Reviews in Ecommerce: 7 Reasons

The Importance of Customer Reviews in Ecommerce: 7 Reasons

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Customer reviews are somewhat underrated by more than a few online stores. Looking through them, you can miss video reviews uploaded by customers or texts that are present on other platforms.

It is hard to come up with a reason why an online store owner would not bother implementing a review system on their store. They might find it difficult to encourage customers to share their feedback, but that can be accomplished with some persistence and encouragement.

What makes even less sense is when dropshipping businesses ignore reviews. If they get products from some of the biggest suppliers, it means having the option to import Aliexpress & Amazon reviews using an Opinew Chrome Extension, for example.

In case you are not sold on the value of customer reviews, this article is bound to change your mind. Below, you will discover seven solid reasons why customer reviews are one of the cornerstones of a successful business and why every online store should have them.

Credibility and Social Proof

Let's begin with credibility and social proof. Ecommerce stores should work hard to establish themselves as reliable so that they have better chances of creating a sustainable business market. Even if an online store is in a niche that is not too competitive, it still risks losing customers if they begin to replace their choice of brand or find a better alternative.

This leads us to social verification. Customers who leave reviews indicate that the store is doing good enough that it encourages shoppers to share their feedback. Feedback is essential for the expenditure and growth of the business.

Social verification coming from reviews works in a shop's favor because it builds credibility. One thing to note, though, is that some online stores purchase fake reviews, but those are easy to spot and should not be taken seriously.

Better Understanding of the Customers

Since reviews come directly from customers, a store can take advantage of the fact and study the information to improve the goods or services. For example, if a customer discovers that something is wrong with a product and mentions it in a review, customer support or another dedicated department can get in touch with the manufacturer or supplier and inform them about the problem.

The issues could also be related to the website itself. Perhaps someone is unhappy with the checkout process because it is taking too long, or they could not find a preferred payment method. A website might also not run optimally on some mobile devices, and shoppers could report the problem in their reviews.

Customer Loyalty

We already touched on this point in one of the previous paragraphs, but customer loyalty is important enough to deserve its own section. Customer reviews indicate loyalty and, in a sense, strengthen it.

Since someone took the time to come up with a review, be it a video or a text, it shows that they care, and publishing a review also gives a customer the feeling of attachment to the store.

More stores should encourage customers to submit feedback. Offering various perks, such as free shipping or discounts for a well-written or filmed review, is one of the suggestions. And if you want to involve customers, even more, you could organize a contest where shoppers themselves pick the best reviews that are rewarded.

Improved SEO Results

Search engine optimization requires time and patience, but the efforts put into it are worth a lot. That is if an online store achieves desired results.

Since content on a website is one of the driving factors behind proper SEO campaigns, you want to publish quality articles that are optimized for relevant keywords. However, even if you have the necessary tools and great content creators, it is still possible to miss some keywords because of how difficult it can be to identify them.

What do customer reviews have to do with it? Well, it is possible that a well-written review could be a source of content that includes these missed keywords. Whether it happens accidentally or not, search engine optimization is another aspect of an online store that can benefit from customer feedback.

Lead Generation

These days, lead generation mostly relies on automation tools, so one might think that customer reviews have nothing to do with turning an interest into a sale.

If anything, it is the opposite because customer reviews have a great effect on a shopper's decision. Imagine someone visiting any online store regardless of whether it was a recommendation or a discovery in a search engine.

Going through product pages and not seeing customer reviews usually indicates that something is wrong, and a potential customer could lose interest.

Meanwhile, a plethora of reviews brings a different experience. Just the fact that you see hundreds if not more reviews for a product is bound to catch interest. And if you go through them and see that the majority of the feedback is positive, that points toward the idea of the goods or services being good.

Free Marketing From Customers

Reviews that are free can be considered as free marketing from your customers. You did not hire them to write a review, you did not encourage them with perks, you did not spend time encouraging them, meaning that pretty much no resources were necessary.

Free marketing has amazing attraction because it opens another channel of promotion and magnifies sales. Even if the results are insignificant compared to other marketing channels, having a freebie that works in a store's favor is still great.

The Snowball Effect of Generating More Reviews

Reviews generate reviews, and the whole thing can snowball. Someone publishes a review or answers a question of another customer, it encourages discussion, and you have multiple people joining in to participate.

Add a member of the store's staff to generate even more interest, and you can expect to see reviews coming your way.


All in all, it should be quite clear why customer reviews are so valuable and why more online shops should rely on them. Hopefully, if you have not bothered implementing the feature to import reviews into your store or encourage customers to leave feedback, you can rectify that after reading the article.

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