What is Website Integration?

Introduction to Web Content Management System (CMS)

by Yasir 4478 28th November, 2018

Choosing a right CMS for your Website is a necessary factor of running an online business. Those publishers who have experience of launching multiple websites by using different web CMS have always ended up their website with valuable lessons.

A strong website requires a CMS for several purposes. A CMS is capable of saving staff time, has an efficient functionality in searching in displaying reliable templates provide ease for visitors.

Furthermore, it also provides the facility to publishers to modify their web pages when needed.

For "Click-Ease" Management of Your Site's Content

Okay, you want to learn more about CMS? This means you are most likely interested to manage a website content in the upcoming future, right?

Might be possible that you are reading this article to learn the basics of the Content Management System introduction to update your website, or you are going to start your career in managing a web CMS.

No matter whatever your purpose is to visit to read this article, but this article will prove to be a good support in any aspect of managing a CMS.

In this blog, I am going to give you a quick overview of what web CMS is and how to choose the right CMS for your website. Let me discuss with you all CMS shortly.

Are You Confused about Choosing a CMS?

Now, you might be thinking that which CMS you should choose. Right?

Remember that, a CMS is too much depends on your website needs. You always have to choose the CMS which will fulfill your website needs in the best way.

Each CMS is 100% free, and these offer a lot of services to support your website. We also support magneto website integration services to support your website with flexibility. So, I will suggest you try multiple. Then select the right one. These will cost nothing anyway, as every CMS is free.

A Quick Look On Some Popular Web CMS Systems

To guide you to select a CMS, I am giving you a short list of all popular CMS, may be possible one of them will be suitable for your website.


Drupal has the potential to function as a rich and unlimited publishing platform. Therefore, Drupal is carefully developed with special tools that have an inbuilt potential to allow businesses to search, structure, organize and reuse their content. Moreover, Drupal comes with an easy to use and skillfully designed interface that serves as an ideal platform for businesses to set up a collaborative website.


DotNetNuke is an acclaimed open source content management system that has been designed on Microsoft ASP.NET Visual Studio platform. This content management system is considered as an acclaimed platform to set up and manage multilingual websites with its highly specialized multi-language localization feature, run-time extensibility, multiple database support, and highly matured portal framework.


The Microsoft SharePoint has been specifically designed to simplify the task of content management, collaboration, and sharing. The SharePoint is a plug and plays Content Management System that has been specifically designed to set up sites with a purpose to share information, by reducing the overall cost associated with maintenance, deployment, and development.


What supports the WordPress to stand out is its affordability associated with this platform which is not only easy but also very quick. WordPress is critically recognized as a user-friendly and popular content management system platform. Therefore, if you are also on the outlook for a content management system platform that is quick, easy, user-friendly and yet affordable, the WordPress is indeed a perfect content management system for you.


Joomla is just a brand that is used by giant brands like MTV, Ikea, and eBay therefore if you are also looking forward to developing and flourish, so many chances that you can succeed by using this platform. Similarly, Joomla is the choice for all those who wish to have highly interactive e-commerce applications, online communities, media portals, blogs, and websites. Owing to all its properties, Joomla has extended the reputation of the CMS system that has a “can do attitude”.


If you are devoting too many resources that result in doing nothing in boosting your website as well as to get profit, then time has come up to consider some new strategies. We, at Webnet, suggest you pay equal attention to content upgrades,  the absence of which may cause difficulty in their search engine visibility and rankings.

Our highly customized Web CMS services to our clients provide us an edge to stand above the competition and allow our clients to control their web applications, images, photos, audios, videos and embedded graphics etc.


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    Hello, you write a very good article and very beneficial for us, I want to know some questions regarding content management system. What are the main drawbacks, which harms us in different ways? What is the purpose of the administrator? In what ways content consolidation benefits us?
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