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Web-Based Accounting Management Solution


A complete solution for recording and managing companies’ accounts through “Webnet Accounting Management Software”

For recording financial operations with accuracy to discourage monetary frauds and assets theft, we have developed a self-intelligent “Webnet Accounting Management Software”. It’s an accountants’ friendly software that can even be used by non-accountants without facing any difficulty because the terminology used in the software is easily understandable and simple for good bookkeeping. 

We have made it simple for small businesses to flourish. There is always a chance of miss-management of finance in paperwork accounting. Keeping this in view, our software keeps your data saved and maintains your accounting records in order to run your business operations smoothly. 

Desktop VS Web-based accounting

Unlike desktop-based accounting, our web-based accounting software gives access to multi-users to work at the same time from any device and from anywhere. It’s an online platform that keeps your data saved even your computer breaks down. 

Financial Statements generation 

The software includes both: standard accounting and advanced accounting tools that effectively and automatically generates the statements of profit & loss, financial position and cash flows as you input the transactions. These statements then give the company accurate balances to calculate financial ratios for good and correct presentation of the company. 

Accounting for shipments

For large businesses, like local and foreign trading companies can maintain their accounts on Webnet Accounting Software. Their imports and exports can be recorded here without data misplacement. There’s an option of Letter Of Credit (LOC). Your company’s accounts department can set LOC by entering a country name, ship name, quantity, price, description of goods, etc. 

Recording of Cash Flows

Finance is the life-blood for every company, it’s recording is mandatory in all respects for good growth of the company and its finances. All the sales, purchases, expenses, assets, liabilities, capital, and revenues are recorded in our software to check the actual “cash flows” of the company and to set the companies’ financial statements.

Inventory Management

Stocks calculations of companies and its opening and ending inventory recordings are effectively done by our software. It is developed to provide your companies ease in maintaining records of inventories and returns and discounts on an item purchased and sold. The software also records the breakage and losses of goods-in-transit.

Bookkeeping of operating expenses

Without actual expense calculations companies survive in the long run, even the misplacements of petty cash expenses gives a little jolt to the companies. Our software records even minor expenses. Transportation expenses, payroll recordings, marketing expenses, bad debts expenses, machine installation expenses, insurance expenses, rent expenses and others that are usually and frequently incurred in the companies are recorded here to measure the actual profits earned by the companies. 

Head Office and Branch Accounting

In large or running businesses, there’s always a need for opening branches in a different location to diversify the business and show up to the competitors. Now, the transactions between head office and branches require complex accounting. Webnet Accounting Software serves this requirement and keeps an efficient role in managing and maintaining accounts of head office and branches. 

Documentation of a new contract assigned 

When the newly assigned contract comes to the management’s meeting, it is always difficult to have a full grasp on it. But, our software is technically maintained with having full command to deal with newly assigned contracts and its complete documentation and recording. The points-of-recording are self-developed, management just has to make entries and get the desired results.

Ease for auditors

Usually, the audit team remains dependant on the company’s employees to get the audit working papers and audit evidence to prepare a good audit report. With our software, it gives direct access to the auditors to keenly check invoices, sales, purchases, expenses, and other past records. 

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