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Website Maintenance is an ongoing process to see your website is performing well and keeping up with the security updates. Services list includes website updates, Security updates, copy-writing, backup, and ensuring the operational integrity of your website. A website that is not maintained regularly can possibly get attacked by the hackers, run slow and maybe you can loose your data. 

We also provide timely suggestions on how to improve your website with our SEO SERVICES included in some of our packages.

We provide Website Design Services to also improve how your website is affected by user journey. We analyse your company website to provide insights for improvement. 

Website Maintenance Package & Pricing Plan

Our quality website maintenance plan aims to provide the best care to your website in order to keep running website operation properly.

  • Security checks, backups, and preventative maintenance are an essential part of our plan. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any problem that occurs on the website. 
  • At the end of a month, you’ll receive a report through which you’ll know that what has been done to your website in the past month and about its current status.
  • Our website management services have an effective security plan. It includes monthly system checks, database server modifications, and a monitored firewall. We also make sure to ban list for any received spam. 
  • Our packages listed below are designed to fulfill your demands efficiently. Let’s say if you are looking to manage small updates then the basic package will be suitable for you.
  • If you want continuous improvement for your website then our enhanced and premium packages will be the best fit for you.
Monthly Plans:BasicEnhancedPremium
PriceRs.10,000 per monthRs.20,000 per monthRs.40,000 per month
Domain renewal check
Broken Links Scan
Page changes and additionsX
Comment MonitoringXX
Downtime Report
Keyword ReportX
Website Facelifts and MakeoversX
Annual Search Engine Analysis Report
Email Report
Updates to CalendarX
Product changes and additionsX
Add breaking news or upcoming eventsX
Bankable hours
Standard Website and Email Options
Google Analytics Report
Maintenance as Needed
Blog Posting with or without ImagesX
Social Network MaintenanceXX
Support TabX
Add Photos, Graphics, Charts, and GraphsXX
Live ChatXX
25 Point Monthly Checklist
50 Point Monthly ChecklistX
Full backup of your site - Weekly
Cancel Anytime
Six Month Warranty
100% Money back guarantee

Website Maintenance for Business

Website maintenance for business is a necessity as your website represents your business. Nowadays people are smart enough to determine your credibility by finding your website. If your website is outdated and not optimized for different devices then you can lose many business opportunities.

If your business is big or small without website maintenance your effort on your website can be a loss. A vulnerable website has become the image of your business and this is why many businesses get the best website maintenance company to maintain their website and make you worry-free from all such issues.

We offer all services under a website maintenance plan. Please check our website maintenance packages.



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