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Why You Should Not Make WordPress Website

Why You Should Not Make WordPress Website

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Custom Web Design vs WordPress, Which is best for you?

If you are running a website, you are most likely to transform it from one mode to another. Right? These modes can be email sign-ups, e-commerce sales, donations, sales leads, and ticket sales etc.

The point is, you want to get much more traffic to your website as you have invested a lot of money on it. But this does not work as this is not so easy. It is becoming much harder with the passing days.

Why does this happen?

We are far way to create pretty images, (though there are several pretty websites to work for). It is very easy to take a WordPress template and design a decent website by using it. But is it worthy enough?

In the past years, about 2007-2010 these WordPress templates worked well for websites due to less competition in google ranking and there were around only 150 million websites worldwide

But now this method does not work well, as the crowd on the web has become too large that there are over 1.5 billion websites online, and the competition has become too high.

Since 2016, every developer knows the basic source codes of WordPress and they earn a lot of money by just spending a day in developing your website and make it live, which will be much more similar to all other websites because 90% companies provide you with WordPress websites.

So what benefit you get by spending a lot to it? Obviously nothing? You have got nothing different and unique to beat your competitors. Right?

What to do now?

Trends are moving very fast, and you have not more time to waste your precious time and a lot of money on these developers who give you nothing but an old traditional WordPress website, which has no power to do anything for you.

You must take some steps to stand on the competition firmly having a website with unique and reliable features. In the coming years, everybody can be able to distinguish the difference between an old website design and a good website. So, if you spend a bit more on a good developer, you have 100% chances to stand out to your competitors.

So, it's the time to redesign your website

These websites will bring your company much more advantages because a normal developer cannot build such a website. You have to set a trend. Once a trend will be set, all developers will follow you. So as to change your image in the online business market.

The time has come to show your potential. There are only a few companies which are able to become a market leader with no guarantee. You just have to adjust yourself according to their perception.

In Pakistan as well as worldwide, most companies are not working out of the domain of WordPress. The reason is just to get an average of $ 700 per website with WordPress.  So they don’t want to move on.

Let me show you the list of some companies which are working out of the domain of WordPress.

CREATIVE CHAOS (Their Website starts from $ 6000 onwards)

FOLIO3                                   (Starts from $ 5000)

Digitronix                                 (Starts from $ 5000)

4M Designer (Their Websites Starts from $ 4000 onwards)

Imagiacian (Starts from $ 3000)

But we can challenge them anytime. Have you an idea, how we do so?

We custom websites designs at a very low price starting from just $ 800. Are you surprised? Probably you are thinking how is this possible?  Let me tell you the reason

Why are we at a lower price?

We have made such procedures that bring quality output and great websites for you. We don’t stop on this. We have strategies to cut down on delivery cost. We have specialized our team and break them down in units like done in factories to produce skill work. In this way, we produce quality websites, which are unique and deliver high-speed features as well as put your stand outstandingly among the top of your competitors.


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