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Why You Should Not Make WordPress Website

Why You Should Not Make WordPress Website

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Why do people prefer WordPress websites? 

80% of people prefer WordPress websites because they think they can manage the website themselves. Well, the fact is, this is true. They will be able to handle the website alone but should be very careful about a few things, which we will discuss later.

WordPress is one of the most notable platforms we have come across. It had gained much popularity from developers for ease of making money. It helped developers make websites in 1 day, and they are all done. The themes were unique initially, but as so many users are on the WordPress website, the website looks the same, and this is where we want your attention.

Many developers and website companies utilize an easier and faster way of making money: providing their customers with free plugins and a theme that may require little or no changes. Websites developed in WordPress are good if you create the website using your or paid plugins. Developers avoid using these techniques as their costs for developing the website go up and their effort increases.

WordPress websites have gained much popularity; the above factor is most commonly a fact. 

Why should you avoid making WordPress websites? 

If you plan to have a WordPress website, you should understand a few things that need your attention while providing the project to a website development agency. Most companies will tell you to have the website on WordPress, but again the reason for them to tell you this is because they want to develop the website with little effort put into it and generate a more significant part of the profit from the project. 

The following that you should avoid if you do plan to make your website on WordPress:

1. Use unique templates, and those are usually paid themes. You do a lot of work towards making a great website template, where you need to put some effort into searching for an excellent design for your website. 

2. Make sure the developer develops the plugin or uses a well-rated plugin for your website.

3. Ensure your website template is different from your competitor's, which is essential to gain a competitive advantage. 

The above are some things you must watch out for, and just to let you know, WordPress is called a CMS (Content Management System). There are many more that we believe do not have many websites on them and are not easily able to get your website hacked.

Why avoid making WordPress websites? 

If you are making the website for the first time, you may not understand what we are talking about; however, people who have websites developed on WordPress will understand.

If you do not consider the point mentioned above, you may get into trouble a few months after you start promoting your website. Your website will be  100% compromised. Many have faced this issue. The problem is that they do not know what to do because they do not have enough information to make a website strive for a more extended period.

A website takes a lot of effort and time, which is a value, and after all the effort put into the website starts creating issues that cannot be resolved is sad. The result is to develop the website from scratch, but again, if the developer does not give you any other options and you do not know what to do, you also become irritated.

You may have many options in e-commerce as a developer are aware of other Ecommerce Software that can be given to clients; for a corporate website, there is no competition, but the list of CMS has been mentioned above for more awareness.

As the competition is increasing, over a billion websites on the world wide web need consideration on how you want your website to engage your user to interact. This is why custom website design is one of the most critical values in the current scenario, where many companies are considering this goal. 

We are the far way to create stunning images (though there are several pretty websites to work for). It is straightforward to use a WordPress template and design a decent website. But is it worthy enough?

In the past years, about 2007-2010, these WordPress templates worked well for websites due to less competition in google ranking, and there were around only 150 million websites worldwide.

But now, this method does not work well, as the crowd on the web has become so large that there are over 1.5 billion online websites, and the competition has become too high.

Since 2016, every developer knows the basic source codes of WordPress; They earn a lot of money by just spending a day developing your website and making it live, which will be much more similar to all other websites because 90% of companies provide WordPress websites.

So what benefit you get by spending a lot on it? Nothing? You have got nothing different and unique to beat your competitors. Right?

What to do now?

Trends are moving very fast, and you do not have more time to waste your precious time and a lot of money on these developers who give you nothing but an old traditional WordPress website, which has no power to do anything for you.

You must take steps to stand in the competition firmly, having a website with unique and reliable features. Everybody can distinguish between an old website design and a good one in the coming years. So, if you spend more on a good developer, you have a 100% chance to stand out from your competitors.

So, it's time to redesign your website.

These websites will bring your company much more advantages because an average developer cannot build such a website. You have to set the trend. Once a movement is charged, all developers will follow you. To change your image in the online business market.

The time has come to show your potential. There are only a few companies that can become market leaders with no guarantee. You have to adjust yourself according to their perception.

In Pakistan as well as worldwide, most companies are not working outside of the domain of WordPress. The reason is to get an average of $ 700 per website with WordPress. So they don't want to move on.

Let me show you the list of some companies which are working out of the domain of WordPress.

CREATIVE CHAOS (Their Website starts from $ 6000 onwards)

FOLIO3                                   (Starts from $ 5000)

Digitronix                                 (Starts from $ 5000)

4M Designer (Their Websites Start from $ 4000 onwards)

Webnet Pakistan (Starts from $ 2000)

But we can challenge them anytime. Have you an idea how we do so?

We customize website designs at a meager price, starting from just $ 800. Are you surprised? Probably you are thinking, how is this possible? Let me tell you the reason.

Why are we at a lower price?

We have made such procedures that bring quality output and great websites for you. We don't stop on this. We have strategies to cut down on delivery costs. We have specialized our team and broken them down into units like done in factories to produce skill work. In this way, we build quality websites that are unique and deliver high-speed features, as well as put your stand outstandingly among the top of your competitors.


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