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Google Ranking Factors in 2020

Google Ranking Factors in 2020

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A few months ago, the list for Google ranking factors was too long. Ahref did mention these factors but in our experience, these were old ways. In 2020, SEO has become way more than backlinks. These were listed from ahref in their blog but we selected only few.

  • Backlinks
  • Freshness
  • Topical authority
  • Search intent
  • Content depth
  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • User experience
  • Content accuracy

Now, we have noticed that Google has become smarter and intelligent. Google now reads your content deeply to understand what will best suit his user. Yes his users are more important than your website. Google is keenly updating algorithms not to affect people that is doing SEO but for their user to get the best results on the top results

Technological advancement has changed many things around and there are few things we noticed has still not updated by companies in the terms of SEO. For example, the Sitemap generator is still not up to date. If you are using this then it means that your URL is not indexed properly. If you do not know what we are talking about than you should learn how to get your sitemap indexed properly.

Out of all the topics that was mention in ahref we believe below are the one of the most important ranking factors on search engines for google.

  • Optimizing your Content – Content Depth
  • Optimizing the keyword that relates to content - Content accuracy
  • Https with 301 – Redirect.
  • FRESHNESS – Google is hungry about content.

Backlinking is not important at all. It is most important when you have a new domain and when your domain is not indexed with google at all. Backlinking will help you drive traffic so it can show popularity for your domain. It will help google to identify your new domain quickly.

Backlinking is required to let Google know about the existence of your domain. It only helps you to divert the traffic to your website. According to our hands-on experience, the old domain takes around 5 to 6 months to achieve top ranking in Google if you your website is being crawled by google regularly. 

Google will only crawl your website if you have updates on your website. A new domain takes time to rank up in Google. This is why people are doing business with domain names as they buy upfront and sell the domain at a good price to you. The content solely on the new domain website takes 3 months to get registered in a category that google want his customer to see. So, your website on the new domain can take around 8 to 10 months to get a good search engine visibility.

Millions of websites are built every year and this number will keep increasing. So, in the future, the time duration for a new domain to rank up in Google will also increase and it will become extremely tough to achieve top search engine rankings.

Considering this fact, you need to make more investments in SEO NOW, it is the right time to do it. Otherwise, the competition will become tougher in a few years and you will not be able to achieve the desired SEO results. 

This is what Gary Vaynerchuk has been talking to you about that this is the time. If you are not thinking of this option it will be very difficult for you to even rank. 

Now let’s go with the list that we mentioned are very important factors.

Optimizing your Content for SEO – Content Depth

For search to appear on the search engines optimization (SEO) as SEO means is to optimizing your content effectiveness  and enhancing it to engage your customers for Search engines..

Google is becoming very intelligent and can understand the content that is on the website, it is removing duplicate content with different content. For example, if you have content with “logo is a great way for making your brand”, and another content “logo is important for brand making”.  Google will only show the best content on his search engines and ignore or not index the other url. So you will only have one url that will be displaying. 

What it means that  you are now wasting your one URL where you could optimize more keywords.

Optimizing the content of your website plays a big role. It helps Google to identify your brand/website as a major role player for a particular brand/website for which it index.

For example, if your website has to index you as a web designing company. It will select you over other websites for people searching out of nowhere or for the keywords no one ranks for. It seems like google is selecting their brand/website and it helps them to show your brand where no other website is being ranked for. So it is better to optimize and manage your content properly for your website.      

Optimizing your content means grouping your content well for Google to understand it. For example, Samsung is a company where it says it is a mobile technology company. It groups all his brand by using multiple sitemaps for telling Google that index my brand with a different name. 

Look at how well Samsung has managed its products.

Websites having multiple product categories need to be categorized using multiple sitemaps. You will not find these in woo commerce or Magento. People then invest in custom CMS for help.

Our ecommerce solution has these options for big brands.

So to summarize how to optimize your content.

Plan your entire website content so you don’t make a mistake to repeat the same content over and over again. It happens with the website that is old and they try putting on fresh content and creating more content.

Use the URL that people are searching the most. The easiest way of doing this is that you just write the keyword and Google will provide all the suggestions.

Optimizing the keyword for search engines - Content accuracy

The first step of SEO is to understand what keywords you are optimizing  Keyword optimization is about researching and analyzing your keyword and drive targeted qualified traffic from search engines where the content accuracy is based on that particular keyword.

This is an important factor that needs to be analyzed while optimizing your keywords on the page title, meta title, and meta description. For example, if you optimize your content for word CMS only and Google is showing the content with CMS is something else then it will not index the keyword for that page. Try to search keywords accordingly for content relevancy which Google displays results for.

Https with 301 – Redirect.

Google has defined that SSL is one of the most important factors. Websites that are not SSL certified or HTTPS redirected, it will not show this website in searches.

Freshness – Google is hungry about content

The freshness of your content and producing great content is the most important part of the ranking factors. If your website is not producing fresh content it will crawl your website once a month.

This is a big threat that Google is crawling your website once or twice a month. Why is it a threat? Simple, You will get your ranking on google updated once a month.

To get your website to be crawled by Google most often you need to produce excellent content and trendsetting fresh content so it will crawl your website for new content more often.

These are very important factors these days. 2020 is crucial for SEO and you need to put more effort, so keep yourself updated.

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Google Ranking Factors in 2020


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