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Don’t worry about web-hacking issue from now, just leave it to us

The attraction of money, the evil-desires of information leaking, and the thirst of data-manipulation, actually, motivate cyber-thieves or hackers to enter in and make your website useless. They also aim to spoil your web-reputation and to damage your web-traffic. 

Web-hacking has become so common these days and almost every company faces this problem. Their accounts get hacked and they also meet losses of market-credibility. In this way, all the customers divert to contact other companies and, unfortunately, make business-links with others. 

But why is it so simple for hackers to attack your website?

Common plugins of WordPress

It is because of WordPress disadvantages and problems. Apparently, Wordpress is an open-source platform where any developer can develop websites easily, but its plugins are common and known to hackers. So, It becomes simple for hackers to attack your website and destroy your sensitive and worthy data. 

WordPress is also a low-cost and less time-consuming source that motivates other web-development companies to design websites for their clients. But clients have to deeply consider that getting websites developed for a business purpose is a one-shot investment.

So, why to leave it unsafe to be hacked? Why let hackers spoil the flourishing business image? Why not connect with Webnet Pakistan who has its own developed Custom CMS and self-created unique plugins that are impossible for cyber-thieves to read and hack your website?

Which page on a website is usually targeted by hackers?

Data-sensitive public page

It is a page where all your valuable data rests. Hackers usually target this page to delete or destroy your files. By removing your data from the public page your website becomes useless,  web-traffic becomes fade, and your customers become invisible. 

In spite of that, Government-owned companies possess sensitive public data. Its stealing and deleting can cause huge. So, its protection from cross-border hackers is necessary and we provide hackers’ secured web-solution even to public companies. 

How Webnet makes sure web-hacking security? 

Unhackable custom plugins

By overcoming all the issues of hacking with 15 years of web development experience, our creative web designers develop new plugins for each website instead of relying on WordPress. Companies that use WordPress for their development, Web Developers uses ready-made plugins, because making customized plugins take time and effort. Our unhackable custom plugins are entirely unknown to the hackers, so the possibility of a cyber-attack on your website becomes even less than 0%. 

Unique programming methods 

Our system architect studied hackers use different frameworks and unique programming methods to give you out of the box websites that are completely secured and fully protected. Our framework counters all the hackers’ attack on your website like cross-site scripting (XSS) attack, SQL injection, keylogger injection, brute force attack, cookie theft, DDoS, phishing, etc. 

Sub-sites development for shifting public-page data

Because of the data-sensitivity and value ability of public-page, our developers create sub-sites to put the data in those site for extra protection of your files. In this way, important data becomes hide from hackers. Now, it becomes literally impossible for cyber-thieves to reach these subsites and delete the data on your public page. 

Web-maintenance solution

Unlike freelancers, Webnet Pakistan is a permanent company that serves its clients 24/7. Not only do we develop hacking-proof websites, but also give web-maintenance solutions for those who got their websites developed from outsiders. Webnet protects their websites from hackers through frequent updates and other unique techniques. 

Even our clients can also easily update their website through our user-friendly custom CMS. 


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