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Website Redesign Get yourself Notice

Website Redesign Get yourself Notice
Website Redesign Get yourself Notice

Need website redesigning, we craft visually appealing websites and help you get noticed amongst your competitor!

Poor web design in a cluster of the web can hurt conversions and leads. Our team loves making website redesign strategies to increase chances of good conversion and leads. Get your website redesign by an award-winning web design agency, don't think much connect with us immediately. If you are thinking of getting your website redesigned, this means that you are reluctant about how your website visually appears to your customers, website loading problems, or website responsive issues. The need for website redesigning is now the most or top priority for any company. Website redesign is a process that visually engages your web visitors and makes them drool over every component of your web pages. Website Revamp or redesigning is like magic that attracts viewers and captures them and helps you generate more revenue. We strive to work on bringing that magical feeling that a website redesign can bring. 

Leave Outdated Designs

Don’t let your competitors exceed your business, just get your website design updated because outdated websites reflect outdated businesses. You have to keep your customers attracted every time through every tool where they can reach you and the website is now the primary contact for your company.

Create User-interface

Designing gears up the user interface (UI) as Webnet Pakistan presents targeted, transformative, sales-generating, attention-capturing, and compatible redesigning. Our custom-redesigning lets your web-visitors joyfully navigate around your website to have greater experience.

Growth-centric Designs

Website custom-redesigning leads you to take your business far beyond expectations. As professional, business-centric, and growth-centric designs bring more customers, it also elevates your sales and brings more leads.

No One-dress-suits-all Policy

We do not believe in one-dress-suits-all designing because every business is different from one another so designing should also be different to have a positive response from every customer-segment.

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Phase I:

Strategy & Concept Development

1. Understanding the Problem

In this phase, project meetings are going to be held to understand your business vision and the need for website redesigning. This allows us and your team to work on the same objectives. Remember, a website redesign is all about teamwork where both have the understanding and business transformation is the major purpose for a website redesign. We brainstorm ideas and we work on redesigning your website by collecting the information.

We have done a major website redesign for companies having these issues. 

  • 1.

    Website is not mobile-friendly

  • 2.

    competitor website is better than us

  • 3.

    our website is showing malicious red screen

  • 4.

    website is slow

  • 5.

    don't need a theme but custom design

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2.Concept Design

When revamping your website, the need for website redesigning falls into two factors.
A. ready-made theme modification redesign. - This is the most commonly used strategy by any digital company to modify a theme and solve the client problem. This strategy is used when you have a small budget for a website redesign. We charge USD 500 (PKR 80,000) for a theme redesign. 
B. Custom Website redesign - If you want to look different and follow your brand presence to your customers this is where Webnet Pakistan is an expert in helping to redesign a website that solves all your problems above. We craft a visually engaging website to help you stand out. We focus on building something unique that makes a difference. Our project management team closely analyzes the problem and generates a website redesigning marketing strategy for the concept behind the design and your customer demands, so that you can make continuous business progress.

Being a professional website Makeover company, we implement the latest re-vamp techniques to keep your website updated and secure.

Our redesign process creates a professional face for the new website. The site will be clean, sophisticated and presents information in a clear and simple way. It enables users to quickly locate what is needed.

Our provided web designs are responsive that maximize the users’ experience on all devices. After you’ll approve a design, we move to the next phase of the project.

At this stage we will provide:

  • A design brief describing the understanding of the project’s goals and parameters.

  • A detailed schedule to guide the process.

  • Three to four designs for evaluation and approval.

  • Final selected design and signed approval.

Phase II:

Web Site Front-end & CMS Development

3. Website Front-end Development

When we create a custom website design, we craft your design on Adobe photoshop. This means that we create your website from scratch so it can make a big difference. Our UI/UX Developer converts PSD designs to HTML and CSS codes to make a functional website on web browsers. We try to use the latest trends while doing UI development because engaging your customer drool over your website is our main aim.

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Website CMS Development

our senior system architect integrates and modifies CMS for the website we redesigned that allows non-technically minded users to build functional pages or upload and modify content themselves, so there is no need to outsource the work. We get many users not understanding cms. WordPress is a CMS and there many other CMS out in the marketplace. If you want to learn more, please click the link ahead WHAT IS CMS.

CMS Development Service includes Web-based publishing, format management, history editing, and version control, indexing, search, and retrieval.

At this stage, we ensure you provide a complete website.

Phase III:

Content Migration to Launch

Website Content Migration

The customer needs to provide content to Webnet Pakistan for all website pages (Home, About Us, Products, Branch Network, Financial, Careers). If you want your website content to be re-written then it’ll have additional charges.

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On-Page Optimization

Our SEO Services team creates comprehensive and targeted Meta tags and page titles for indexing the site with search engines. After completion, we are going to submit a site to all major search engines for indexing.

Our on-page optimization includes:
  • Keyword and key topic research and selection

  • Website structure optimization

  • Content optimization

  • Image optimization

  • XML sitemap optimization

  • Title tag and meta description optimization

  • Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

  • URL structure optimization

  • Optimize Title Tags

  • Meta Tags Creation & Optimization

  • Alt-image tags

  • Robots.txt Installation

  • Google Analytics Installation

  • Google Sitemaps Installation

  • Google Webmaster Installation

Social Media Optimization

We Optimize and integrate your website pages open graph tags and twitter card tags. The Open Graph and Twitter card tags are an effective way to share a page's information and to control how your web site's information is shared on social media networks such as (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ …etc.)

Quality Management and Launch

Our team of project managers tests the quality of each type for functionality, accessibility, and browser compatibility for all text and graphics before launching the website.

At this stage we provide:
  • Production proofs for modifications as required.

  • Testing of the website for browsers; devices (iPhone Android; iPad; etc.)

  • Accessibility tests.

  • Training and production management for the completed project.

  • SEO initial set-up.

  • Social Media Optimization.

  • The launch of the website.

Phase IV:

Training and Documentation

We provide training to your staff on how to manage and operate your website and CMS easily. Also, we will provide documents to give you a better understanding of the technicalities involved in training.



A self-marketing ground

A self-marketing ground

We have a strong understanding that website redesign is one of the great Google ranking factors. It helps google to create a reputation for your domain. A well-revamped website is also your reputation for your business. In 2021 you will see that people will judge your company by its looks. Trends are changing faster than ever. In today's world, you need a website that keeps visitors engaged and makes them click & read other pages of your website. As we offer a custom redesigning service, you can also direct us to have your imaginative designs on your screen.

Customers engaging approach

Customers engaging approach

Website redesigning is a system of targeting, attracting, engaging, and converting your web visitors to your desired customers. Web redesigning increases your web-traffic and web-positioning in google search engines. The mobile usability experience is one of the utmost importance of a customer journey.




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