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Your business needs exposure and our custom SEO service organically boosts up your google-ranking

It takes two hands clapping to make a noise. Similarly, when you want your business to grow faster and to multiply your sales, you always need custom SEO service to tell the audience, “We’re also here”.

Custom SEO increases the online presence of your business and gives you out-of-the-box achievements. It’s not a simple SEO which just increases traffic on your website, but it’s a strategic, targeted, sales-generating, performance-driven, and result-oriented custom SEO that not only brings huge web-traffic but also turns them into your loyal customers.

It organically casts positive and long-lasting impacts on your business where you don’t have to pay excessive amounts to the google search engine for inorganically boosting-up your website ranking.

Webnet strategically deals with google through producing creative, appealing, and reader-friendly content and optimizing keywords which induce Google to place our clients’ websites on top rankings. We apply smart tactics for each situation and present your unique selling point to the targeted audience.

What strategies does Webnet apply for custom SEO?


Targeted & sales-generating content strategy

As content is the central point in digital marketing, it rotates the complete cycle of SEO. It is generally said, “content is the king”, and Webnet’s content writers place a crown on the king’s head.

You find creative and google-loving contents here which are produced after making content-strategies; to whom to target and how to turn readers’ minds to convince them to click the websites’ link.

Our content strategy is all for generating our clients’ sales by attracting huge traffic on their websites and by reducing the bounce rate.

Regular & relevant social media postings

Here our clients’ websites get socially aware to target more audiences. Presently, people have more inclination towards social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. so our social media marketing team remains responsive and efficient in postings.

We maintain regularity in postings and remain in touch with the targeted audience.

Backlinks to a landing pages strategy

There are too many promotional sites available to showcase your businesses, and we avail full advantage of these platforms by posting sales-generating articles to level up our clients’ business-visibility.

We generate quality backlinks through simple and custom URL to drive the audience to land on our clients’ pages and get what they were looking for.

Custom Keywords research

Our marketing personals possess in-depth market knowledge and know about consumers’ behavior in every segment. So they do buyer-intended custom keyword research where keywords can go even more than 600.

We even opt those keywords which a lame person can write on google search engine and get the desired results.

Emailing strategy

For the best Search Engine Optimization of our clients’ website, we go for every nook and corner to rank their keywords on the google search engine. In this respect, we have our self-developed Emailing software for email marketing through which we send sales-generating email campaigns to the targeted audience by optimizing keywords in the content to let the reader click and land to the desired page(s).

Through our Email-software’s statistical graphs, we keep bird-eye-view on every happening that how many people viewed the email and clicked.

SMS marketing strategy

As same as email marketing, we also apply the SMS marketing strategy by sending messages to the targeted audience by building relevant link on the message campaign.

Here you should not worry about the bounce rate of your pages because we strategically handle all the undertakings by sending our campaigns to the interested audience through market-based researches.

Creative designing strategy

For sure, content alone can not make too many leads it has to be integrated with communicative & message-conveying designs. Our designers do the same job.

Obviously, SEO is not a one-man show it is a complete process that moves around market researchers, content writers, creative designers, programmers, and focused SEO specialists.

Webnet provides a single platform for its clients to get their business marketed for targeting huge customers’ segments and for more sales.

What benefits our clients receive from these strategies?

Customer engagement

As the entire population is involved in using the internet, so it’s a need of time to go for digital marketing where we can engage huge customers’ segments. Webnet strategy circulates around digital marketing which benefits our clients’ businesses in multi-dimensional ways.

Our marketing strategies or custom SEO best suit our clients’ businesses, they receive huge traffic on their websites and get this traffic turned to lasting customers.

Market worth

It builds your business-worth in the market where people know your business by name and you earn through good-will.

Our custom SEO plus your work to provide complete satisfaction through your products and services maintain your long-lasting business image in the market.

Brand credibility

It also develops your brand credibility as web-visitors see the continuity in marketing and the benefits your customers receive from the brand. Businesses give years and years to build brand credibility but the Custom SEO highlights your business and brand specification to the audience by going online in less time.

Increased sales & profits

Eventually, the end-goals of every business, for which they start the journey, are increased sales & profits. Custom SEO benefits our clients to become a market leader so early.

The custom SEO soars the accounts, increases investment opportunities of the businesses, and brings the best return on investment.


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