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“It's Not About ‘Getting the Traffic’, It's All About Getting the Relevant and Targeted Traffic”.

There is no “secret sauce” for making your organic search successful. Here at Webnet, we are all about being transparent. Our customized SEO services and innovative ways to deliver these services are the major reason why our clients increase their revenue by boosting their unique visitors by 85%.

Rely on us to challenge the whole digital world and to get remarkable and productive results from your business.  

Our compelling ideas and choices of feasible platforms enable us to take the life-changing online marketing initiatives.


We Do Not Just Rank Keywords. We Optimize Your Search Engine Presence!

You Have Come To The Right Place.

How We Approach SEO?

At Webnet, we use five SEO steps in order to implement the perfect strategy for your business.

  • Quality Assurance of Website

We understand and analyze your business, its current website and your competitors. This gives us the information that is worth enough to use at the next stages.

So, if we don’t find your website up to the mark for SEO, we’ll let you know.

  • Discovery Of Goals

We further define business goals and client information plus all the required basic information.

  • Competitors Analysis

After detailed research, we work to identify your competitors in order to find out your opportunities and risks.

  • Keyword Research

To continuously drive traffic, a normal website must have 200 keywords. We don’t follow others, that's the reason that sets us apart. By using our vast experience in numerous industries, we prepare a list of 600 keywords that are suitable to your business goals and objectives.

  • SEO Audit

We create a baseline by completely reviewing your Google Analytics, on-site and off-site factors.

  • User Experience Review

We go through your whole website and then recommend for navigation and UX as per requirement.

Win the Search Game with our Performance driven SEO Services

How Does Our Strategy work?

When we completely learn your business, your site, and its competitors. Then, we make documentation based on the result driven strategy that is tailored to your business.

1.  Effective On-Site Strategy

We then prepare an action plan, that generally, propose changes in website code and optimization of content for search engines.

2. Effective Off-Site Strategy

We do complete research for finding your potential customers, that can further be used for link building and PR.

3. Planning Measurement

We set both short and long term goals to consistently evaluate the undeniably, campaign performance.

4. Content strategy

We develop a wide range of quality content that is distributed among various platforms over a specific period of time.

On-site Optimization

This includes the implementation of content, in which we alter your whole website content. Place keywords that we previously added in our action plan. Moreover, we make various changes to the code of your website, that includes changes to internal links and meta descriptions. These help to enhance your visibility more.

Content Marketing 

  • Content Creation:

We regularly create content that is based on the new as well as existing strategies and to have more keywords execution for your website.

  • Publicity of Content:

We send articles about your business to a wide range of sources like newspapers and other websites in order to increase the awareness of your content.

Detailed Analysis & Reporting

  • Monthly Reporting:

We prepare monthly reports that are clear, KPI-focused, and easy to interpret to let our clients know what we are doing 24/7.

  • Quarterly Review:

We take a brief review of the campaign every week to make any necessary adjustments if required.

Get the SEO Best Practices at Webnet:

We don't use black hat techniques. We always keep updated with the latest SEO strategies that result in both short and long term success. By running your campaigns, we ensure that you achieve continuous business growth.

Do you know?

  • 90% of searchers only check the first page of the website.
  • 75% of the traffic check only the start five pages of the website.
  • 40% of traffic check only the top 10 websites.

76% of SEO Campaigns fail. You deserve better.

Our visitors become double each year because of our good content and rightly used links on authority websites. You can also get the same for your business by getting support with our highly talented SEO team.  

Our Excellence Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Looking for the top SEO service in Pakistan in order to rank high in search results? Our dedicated team is ready to receive your inquiries.

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